Aug 09 Funniest Home Videos of 2011


I find myself getting a little too serious sometimes. Maybe it’s my business mind always at work or possibly it’s the pipeline of endless information available to us? There has to be time for us to laugh out loud. After all, life is about making the most of it and having fun doing it.


You will find below my favorite videos of things that happen in and around your home. They all put a smile on my face and hopefully do the same for you.


Denver and Macy on Trial

Do you have dogs and cats cohabitating in your home? Sometimes there’s a little rivalry between them and things get eaten that should not get eaten. In this video you will witness the trial of 2 dogs accused of eating a bag of cat treats. Who is the guilty dog?



Summer Edition of Americas Funniest Home Videos

A popular activity in the summer is swimming. It’s refreshing and can really cool you down on a hot summer day. Strange things can happen when people attempt dives from a diving board, animals want objects in the pool and parents play with their children. This video highlights some of the funniest things that happen to people whilst enjoying the poolside.



Man Teases Dog About Food…Dog Talks Back

Dog owner explains to his dog how he is going to prepare food. The dog carefully listens and responds to the owner. Every little story told by the owner ends up in bitter disappointment for the poor puppy. The poor dog expresses his sadness as every story leads to a dead end for puppy including feeding the dog’s dinner to a cat.



America’s Funniest Home Videos- AFV Pt 8

How funny are kids? Wait…how funny are adults? Pets are also pretty funny. This video has a great blend of humorous events that happen in our day-to-day lives. I find it hard to believe nobody was seriously injured in this video.



It’s funny to think we are all so wrapped up in our lives that laughing out loud is often overlooked. A smile and a laugh are what lights up the world. It is what makes us feel good. Are you smiling now? I hope so!

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