Sep 22

Dreams can easily come true with the dungeon in your basement. The transformation of dream to reality has many added perks you may not have factored in. Besides being one of the most common types of home improvements, basement finishing has many other benefits that you should be mindful of.

  • Value Added– Increase the market value of your home
  • More Living Space– Whether you utilize the livable space or rent it for additional income a finished basement adds living space to your home
  • Entertainment & Gaming– Include a basement bar along with a surround sound system for you new, wall mounted plasma TV
  • Stop Feeling Crowded– If you living space is cluttered due lack of room, open up your home by remodeling your basement

The discovery of new space and how it can be transformed into livable space is up to you. Basement finishers will help you reach your goal efficiently and affordably but you must first have the desire. Once you are sure a basement renovation is in your cross hairs you’ll want to decide if it will be completed by a contractor or DYI. Be aware of contractors that low ball to get a project. Basement renovation budgets must be realistic including the worst case scenario. It can be a painful and unpleasant process to dig deeper into your pockets as the project progresses.

Basement Finishing Pictures

Extra Attention to Electrical and Plumbing

Once your basement is completely remodeled you can savor the moment. You have just added living space and increased the value of your home, congratulations! There is one potential nightmare I need to caution you about. It will be heartbreaking if it happens. There’s nothing wrong with cutting corners on your basement remodeling project. Be aware of the pros and cons of cutting any corners. The 2 areas you do not want to take a chance on are plumbing and electrical. Can you imaging one of those old, corroded copper pipes bursting after your basement is finished? Even worst could be an electrical fire that was ignited by old faulty wiring.


Home owners are responsible to oversee the quality and timely delivery of their basement renovation project. Basement finishing ideally uses the highest quality materials attainable within a budget. Insist on quality products backed up with supreme workmanship. Do not get caught being penny wise but pound foolish.

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