Aug 22

Basement Renovation Ideas

So you want a beautiful basement transformed out of the concrete dungeon downstairs. Typically your basement is the darkest room in your home. Almost no natural lighting finds its way into your basement while staircases, wall finishing’s and flooring seem to really lack the class you are accustomed to. It’s time to plan a basement renovation and I am going to help you with some basement ideas.

Basement Remodeling Tips

A basement can be transformed into the most comfortable room in your home. If you are starting from scratch here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Create a beautiful home office
  • Design and build a basement bar
  • Add another bathroom to your home
  • Your new family room
  • Install a laundry room
  • Maximize your space lost around staircases
  • Use mod resistant drywall to minimize the effect of dampness that may cause mold
  • Add a pool room and table
  • Mount a big screen Flat TV
  • Make a childcare facility
  • Add new flooring with a backsplash
  • Design and build a new kitchen
  • Make it a self contained unit to rent
  • Install storage shelving
  • Make a wine room
  • Music and surround sound system

Water Damage Inspection

A thorough moisture inspection before any construction work begins is a must. In fact this inspection should be performed during budgeting and planning. It makes no sense to invest in a basement renovation without properly addressing moisture problems. Water pipes can be wrapped in a sweat proof wrap and any structural leaks (windows, walls, floors) can be dealt with prior to remodeling. Water can cost thousands of dollars in damages and cause unsafe living conditions. It is a step that cannot be overlooked in the planning stages of a basement renovation.

Basement Ceilings

Drywall should also be applied to your ceiling to cover visible wiring and pipes. The appearance of your ceiling is instrumental in setting the mood of your new remodeled basement. A basement ceiling can be finished a number of different ways:

  1. Suspended (Drop) Ceilings
  2. Drywall Popcorn Ceiling
  3. Mirrored ceiling borders
  4. Industrial Finish

Paint Colours

We tend to stay away from dark colours because basements already suffer from lack of natural light. Bright colours are recommended for basement walls. Colours can be kept in the neutral tones while possibly combining a couple of colours on different walls.

We have only scratched the surface of the endless possibilities for remodeling your basement. Not only will a refinished basement add value to your home, it will also make it a nicer place to live in. For more basement ideas our Helpful Home Renovation Tips page should keep you nourished with basement ideas you may not have considered.

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