Aug 15

Affordable Home Improvements Tips


Cheap home improvement ideas that add value should be looked at closely before you dive in. Although some home improvements can be done for next to nothing; will you DIY or hire a renovator to help you out? If you are considering the later, you’ll want the piece-of-mind to know a hired contractor will go that extra mile for you. That aside, let’s take a look at some concerns you should have and the least expensive renovations that really make a difference.

Verify Customer Service Quality

If you are committed to home improvements and want to hire a professional home renovator insists on testimonials from other clients. To avoid getting taken to the cleaners ask your renovator for references from other customers and contact them. Unfortunately there are a few bad apples that have made it tougher for the good guys. Avoid getting ripped off but checking references from customers, BBB, and online consumer reviews.


Competitive Quotes

Make a list of the home renovations you would like done and ask a few renovators to bid on the identical requirement list. Pay attention to the price and (more importantly) what advice is offered by the contractors. It may not be the cheapest price that gives you the best value.


Paint to Increase Home Value

Painting your interior and exterior (if needed) is very affordable and will deliver the look and feel of increased home value. Don’t stop at the walls; paint your doors, moldings and ceilings. You can accent walls with wallpaper trim as well. If you want to draw attention to a wall, make it a favorite colour of yours. Then make other walls a complimentary colour.


Kitchen Countertops

Countertop surfaces in the kitchen tend to be one of the biggest “turn-offs” for home buyers. If you are renovating your home for resale reasons this is one of the first projects to put on your list. Options include replacement or refinishing. Although refinishing may sound easier and cheaper it is often not. New countertops are not expensive. You can even visit your local Home Depot, Lowes or Rona stores and ask for “clearance” priced countertops.


Bathroom Reconditioning

Get rid of any moldy, musty smells by disinfecting. If ceramic tiles and grout are present, clean the grout lines with magic eraser. Old, rusty sinks and taps are inexpensive household items to replace that make a big difference in living and buyer value perception. In the bathtub area, scrub to remove mildew around caulking, shower head and tap areas. Once again, home buyers tend to be concerned about the condition of bathrooms.


There you have it, easy tips for remodeling your home cost effectively. Hopefully we have helped inspire some new ideas for you. Use these tips to make your home a happy and brighter place to live.


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