Basement Renovations

Out of sight – out of mind? Basements are easy to overlook. They are quite literally not a part of the house that we see much of. But the potential stored in them is truly incredible.

Basement Remodeling

One of the uses for a basement that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years is to rent it out as a separate unit. It makes perfect sense.

Basement Finishing

Have the remodeling layout planned and need to decide on the basement finishing in Toronto, or just refinish your old basement to refresh its interior?

Basement Lowering

Do you want to gain an entire extra floor for your home? You came to the right place! A basement has the potential of serving as an entire storey

  •    Want to Remodel Your Basement?

    We specialize in making your dreams come true with quality basement renovations. We’ll do things with the unused areas of your home that you never imagined. Total transformation for you and your family is our goal. Our team works with you to formulate the most cost efficient way to ad comfort and value to your home. The possibilities are never-ending at affordable prices, without the stress typically associated with renovating or upgrading your home.
  • Whether you want to have a self contained basement for rental purposes or just increase your living space, renovating your basement is an investment. Your basement can be part of your home just like your living room. We have a specialized staff that has a magical way of adding more luxurious space in your home. With the finest treatment in renovations, paint coverings and workmanship none of your guests will ever know what your basement used to look like. How easy is it to double your livable space? Ask us!

    10 Ideas For Your Basement Renovations

    If you are wondering what the advantages are of having your basement renovated let us help you with a few ideas …

    1) Add A Bar
    2) Make Your basement a Living room
    3) Create an Exercise Room
    4) We can design a music hall
    5) A beautiful game room
    6) Set up a woodworking shop
    7) Utilize valuable space
    8) Hardwood or Laminate Flooring
    9) Make use of unused space (under basement stairs)
    10) Add a bathroom

    What Really Bothers You?

    Maybe it’s those concrete support posts in your basement that are nothing but an eyesore. Can you imagine them becoming a tasteful part of your interior basement design? They cannot be removed because they support your home but they can be boxed in with some nice trim. What about all that wasted space underneath the stairway leading down to your basement? Sometimes basements will have a musty smell from the condensation buildup in cracks and walls. The smell will be eliminated by locating the source of the problem and fixing it. It is important to do this before starting a complete basement renovation.

    Remodel To Increase Will Value

    Remodeling your basement can dramatically add to the value of your home. You can gain extra space by adding a bedroom, bathroom, study room, wine cellar, kids play area, and storage. Your laundry room could probably use shelving to provide more storage space. Why not take it a step further and add cabinets.Talk to a basement renovation expert about what improvements or additions can be done to your home. There are plenty of options available to you that can ultimately double your living space.

    Getting set up for your basement remodeling project begins with an affordable and viable plan. This will ultimately make your decision making process much clearer and easier to understand.

    Baseman renovating projects are carefully planned, well crafted and inspected.

    To get an itemized quotation on your basement renovation, complete the small form on this page or call us (905) 884-8585 ext 32!

Appleblossom Project

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Basement Bathroom Renovations

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Basement Kitchen

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Basement Laundry Room

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Basement Main Room

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Basement Remodeling

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Stairs to the Basement

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